The benefits of Botulinum Toxin and how it works.

The Benefits of Botulinum Toxin & How it Works

The benefits of Botulinum Toxin and how it works.

Your face is the first thing people see when you greet them. Let Collab MedSpa help you make a great first impression! Botulinum Toxin, more frequently known as “Botox,” is an anti-aging treatment used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles on various parts of the face. Botox is an excellent solution for those looking for a non-invasive, affordable solution to natural signs of aging. The best part is a treatment requires only a few minutes to complete and there’s no downtime for the client!

Botulinum Toxin “Botox” is injected into the skin and works below the surface to block certain nerve signals that cause the muscles in the face to contract. As facial muscles relax, less fine lines and wrinkles are formed with day-to-day muscle movements like smiling, frowning and laughing. Full results can be seen in only 10 days, with early results being evident for most clients in as little as 3-4 days post-treatment. A single treatment can last for up to 4 months, meaning the treated facial muscles will begin moving again and natural fine lines and wrinkles will return.

Botulinum Toxin “Botox” isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. During your consultation, a licensed and certified nurse from the Collab MedSpa team will assess your skin and create a unique treatment plan based on your personal goals. The treatment plan will not only map out the locations for injections but also the number of units required. 

Collab MedSpa offers Bubbles & Botox specials every month. This is a great opportunity to acquire Botox at a discounted rate. Did we mention the free Mimosa? 

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