Over One Year with AviClear: What We Know Now

aviclear results

AviClear, the only laser technology that targets and treats acne at the source of the problem, has been on the market for over a year now. As we reflect on what we have learned from our experience with AviClear the past year and a half, we are happy to report that this innovative treatment has delivered the results the company who makes AviClear has claimed. Here’s what we’ve learned from our experience with treatments and patients.

1. Does AviClear Work?

Clinical studies have shown that 87% of patients showed at least a 50% clearance of acne in 6 months.  At Collab Medspa, the majority of our patients have seen a significant reduction in acne.  A few of our patients who began with extremely severe acne, though seeing a reduction, were still not satisfied with results around the 6 month mark.  They did however see enough of a reduction from AviClear to opt in for a second round of AviClear. 

What we have learned:

Though AviClear studies show data on only a series of 3 treatments, we have found some patients want and find benefit from a second series of 3 or a touch up treatment or two after their initial treatment.

AviClear’s initial data shows that patients did not change or use an active home skin care routine and still garnered good results.  Our patients who have chosen to use a professional skin care regimen, have opted for regular facials between their AviClear treatments and have continued with regular maintenance after their series of AviClear have shown significantly better results than those who have just opted for AviClear alone.  This is not a surprise, as we know regular facials and skin care are an important part of overall skin health, and we feel this is an important aspect to report so future AviClear patients have as much knowledge as possible to ensure the best outcome for their own treatments.

Dermatologists were hesitant to recommend AviClear when it first launched but are increasingly recommending AviClear after seeing the impressive results, making it a more trusted option now more than ever.

How AviClear Works:

Our Sebaceous glands regulate oil production which is a vital component for the moisture levels in our skin, but some people overproduce oil that can cause greasy feeling skin and acne. The AviClear laser treatment targets the sebaceous glands, reducing the amount of oil they produce, without damaging or destroying the gland.  The AviClear treatment has been particularly beneficial for those who have tried traditional acne treatments like oral medication or topical gels or creams and have struggled with the unpleasant or dangerous side effects associated with these medications.

2. Safety Profile

With any laser, especially new laser technology, safety is always a major concern. Over the past year and a half, we are happy to report AviClear has proven to have a strong safety record. Patients have reported minimal side effects, with the most common being temporary mild redness and swelling. The reason it has become a popular alternative to topical or systemic medications is because AviClear does not have dangerous risks like organ damage, hormonal imbalances or antibiotic resistance, making it an attractive choice for treating acne.

What we have learned:

The most important safety precautions we have found are preparing the skin by removing as much oil and moisture from the surface and using a lot (sometimes an annoying amount) of water.  This allows not only for the most comfortable treatment, but also the most safe and effective treatment.  We have also found that ensuring our patients avoid sun exposure after the AviClear treatment has also had a major factor in a successful outcome.

3. Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction with AviClear has been positive. Patients appreciate the convenience of a non-invasive treatment that can be done quickly in the comfort of our spa. Though the 30 minute treatment regimen can be intense, we have found ways to get through the treatment completely and efficiently. Many patients report visible improvements after the first session.

We have found that “purging” or our skin releasing oil and sebum to be a common side effect about 1 week after an AviClear treatment.  Though patients have found this to be a downside of the treatment, we have found that educating and preparing our patients to anticipate this happening and having a facial scheduled during this time helps to mitigate this process and lessen the duration of these purging flare ups. Even with the possibility of purging, the efficiency, combined with lasting results, has contributed to positive reviews and a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Cost and Affordability

While AviClear is more expensive than some traditional acne treatments, its cost is becoming more justifiable as we collect more information about its effectiveness.  The price is also comparable to other types of laser treatment such as hair removal, RF skin resurfacing and IPL Photofacials.  Though Insurance does not cover AviClear, many patients have been able to use FSA or HSA cards. Most patients have decided to finance with Care Credit to split up the payment over time or pay for the treatment in full and have found the investment worthwhile given the long-term benefits in comparison to the need for ongoing costs for traditional acne medications.

Long Term Effects of AviClear

A year and a half in, we are beginning to see how patients feel about the long-term results of their AviClear treatments. Many patients who completed their treatment cycles nine to twelve months ago continue to enjoy clearer skin. The reduction in oil production seems to be a lasting effect, with fewer acne flare-ups reported and breakouts clearing up more quickly when they do happen. Ongoing studies will continue to provide more data, but indications suggest that AviClear offers the answer to patients who have suffered with acne for far too long.

Claim your confidence with Clearer Skin:

The first year and a half with AviClear has been highly rewarding for us as providers. It is exciting to see the life changing results that AviClear has delivered to many of our patients.   In a short amount of time, it is clear to us that AviClear is poised to become a staple treatment in the fight against acne. As more dermatologists and more patients share their positive outcomes, we know more and more acne sufferers will turn to AviClear.

If you are or you know someone who is struggling with acne and seeking a non-invasive, long-term solution, AviClear is definitely worth considering.  Collab Medspa always offers free consultations to make sure AviClear is the right choice for you.  We are excited to introduce you to the possibility of being more confident with clearer skin!