Membership: Afford Quality Skincare on Any Budget


At Collab MedSpa in Scottsdale, we believe quality skincare maintenance should be a part of your regular routine. But in today’s economy, where prices for essentials like groceries and gas are continually on the rise, how do we prioritize and afford self-care? Collab MedSpa offers a premier membership program to help make your favorite skincare treatments accessible and affordable on any budget. 

Affordable Skincare Treatments

You can enjoy a Collab MedSpa membership for as little as $69 per month!  That’s less than one cup of Starbucks™ per day! This basic membership, also known as “Club Level 1,” is like having your own “piggy bank” at Collab MedSpa. 

Each month, through an auto draft or credit card payment, you will deposit $69 into your personal Collab MedSpa account. Every dollar converts to a point. For example, $69 dollars equals 69 points. When you schedule a treatment, we simply reduce your account by the number of points for the service requested. 

At just $69 per month, you can afford to enjoy a monthly signature massage or facial. Let your membership savings accrue for several months and you can enjoy various other treatments like injectables and spa packages. 

Would you like to afford more treatments at a faster rate? Consider becoming a Club Level 2, 3, 4, or 5. (See chart for details.) Paying for your treatment plan over time, as opposed to larger, upfront payments, makes it easier to budget for your skincare needs throughout the year.

Did you know that your Collab MedSpa Membership comes with other perks? These include special member pricing on treatments and services, 10% off all retail products and priority use of the Facial Pod. In addition, you will be invited to exclusive membership appreciation events throughout the year. Looking for a gift around the holidays? You can share your Signature Massage and Signature Facial membership discount with friends and family. 

For more information or to sign-up as Collab MedSpa’s newest member, please call 480.400.0061. Quality, consistent skincare doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider signing up today. Your skin AND your wallet will thank you.