AviClear - Acne Treatment in Scottsdale AZ

FAQs about AviClear and Laser Acne Treatment

AviClear - Acne Treatment in Scottsdale AZ

Did you know that acne affects over 50 million people in the United States alone? In fact, it’s the number one diagnosed dermatological skin condition in America. Collab MedSpa is thrilled to be able to offer a revolutionary laser acne treatment to their clients in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

AviClear is the original, FDA-approved laser device designed to treat all forms of acne on all skin types. The AviClear laser targets the sebaceous glands that produce oil and result in acne. Treating acne at the source allows clients the opportunity to throw away those chemical-ladden, pricy topical acne medications once and for all.

Still not sure if AviClear is right for you? Here are a few FAQs to help make your decision (and skin) more clear:

  1. What is the time commitment?
    1. AviClear laser sessions are completed in just 30-minutes. You will need to schedule three rounds of treatments, 4-6 weeks apart to achieve lasting results. Treatments can be scheduled year round. 
  2. Is it painful?
    1. Most would describe the feeling as a mild, snapping sensation. AviClear lasers have AviCool skin cooling and smart sensors to ensure maximum comfort during every session. These sensors help maintain your skin’s temperature without any harmful side effects. That means ZERO downtime after treatments; you can jump right back into your daily routine after your appointment.
  3. What results can I expect?
    1. With AviClear, 87% of patients saw their acne resolve after 6 months. After 3 treatments, acne breakouts will be shorter and less severe. 


AviClear is transforming the way clinicians treat patients with acne. If you’re ready to start your journey towards radiant, acne-free skin, contact Collab MedSpa and schedule your first AviClear treatment today.