The Alma Soprano Ice – A New Way to Remove Hair

alma soprano ice-laser hair removal

It’s time to put down the razor and try the laser! The most popular and best laser hair removal, Alma Soprano Ice, uses cutting edge technology to remove unwanted hair from virtually anywhere. Its patented technique is safe on all skin tones and hair types. Treatments are quick and comfortable, with many quoting the sensation of the laser as feeling like “a hot stone massage.” The process offers multiple wavelengths and modes to gradually heat the skin, damaging hair follicles and preventing regrowth. The Ice™ Technology cools skin throughout the treatment for additional comfort.

If you’re looking for an effective form of laser hair removal that requires no downtime and provides lasting results, look no further than Alma Soprano Ice. Contact Collab MedSpa today to book your first session!


Does the Alma Soprano Ice process require one or more treatments? Most people require 4-6 sessions to achieve their desired outcome. 

Are the results from The Alma Soprano Ice permanent? Actively growing hair follicles are gradually crippled by using this form of laser treatment. After the recommended 4-6 sessions, the follicles are typically permanently damaged, preventing hair from growing back. We also recommend retreating the area once every 3-6 months and over time, as long as 12 months for the best overall results.

Does Alma Soprano Ice treat all areas of the body? Yes! The machine itself comes with only one handpiece, but can treat all areas. This allows the professionals at Collab MedSpa to treat large areas like the back and legs and small areas like bikini lines and nasal passages.

What time of the year is best to receive treatment? Unlike other hair removal options, the Alma Soprano Ice can be utilized year-round and is safe to use on all skin types. 
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